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1. There is a lot of data evidence which proves that NSA can crack many of the encryption protocols that are being used these days. It’s a natural consequence if we consider the 250 million USD that are paid every year, to encourage the software produces to build exploitable programs.

The good news is that various internet specialists have started to provide information for those that are interested in protecting and encrypting the information, though, so that neither NSA nor anyone else will be able to read it. With Truecrypt gone, there aren’t too many names that can be trusted when it comes to encrypting a message.

truecrypt is gone


2. A recent study has demonstrated that about 90% of the Internet users have tried to avoid their activity being tracked. Sadly, the list of those that have been highly interested in masking their digital footprints includes hackers and top advertisers, to name just a few categories.

It is now known that 86% of the Internet users have tried to hide what they are doing online, and more than 50% of them have also taken steps to prevent their activity from being monitored by the government, or other people or organizations.

The data has been obtained by using phone interviews. About 64% of the people that try to hide their traces have tried to clear cookies and the browser history, while more than 40 percent have said they have deleted or edited something they had posted before on the Internet.


3. It is not a secret that Microsoft is interested in competing with Google Maps; this is one of the reasons why it has bought Nokia, after all. Microsoft want to improve its own maps app, in an effort to make it better than Google maps.

Microsoft has stated that it wants to develop much more than a digital map of the world, and as a consequence it is now buying several new mapping and location services.

As an example, Nokia’s Here Drive, Here Maps and Here Transit are services that help people travel easier and faster from one place to another. Hundreds of cities all around the world are included in Here Transport, a program that offers public transportation routes for the users.

Here Maps and Here Drive have proved to be useful for people that are looking for the best route to their desired destination. These apps were offered as maps for smartphones starting in July 2013. For now, Google continues to be the leader in mapping and location services, and it is continually spending money in an effort to improve the maps that he is offering to its users.


4. NASA’s lunar orbiter was successfully launched on its mission to the moon. The LADEE spacecraft is currently studying the moon surface and atmosphere, collecting useful information for the astronomers and scientists.

ladee spacecraft

The information is supposed to help scientists have a better understanding of the moons that are orbiting other planets. A high speed, high data rate laser communication system was successfully tested, and it is going to speed up future satellite communications and space communications with robots and human crews located on the space. When compared to a traditional radio system, the new system will be able to send six times more information, using 25 percent less power in comparison with the traditional solution.

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